Jaroslava Lieskovská

Mgr. Jaroslava Lieskovská, Ph.D.


Phone: +420 387 776 291

E-mail: jlieskovska@prf.jcu.cz

building C PřF JU, door 02 039

She graduated from Biochemistry at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. She received PhD. Diploma in Virology at Institute of Virology, Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. In years 1999-2006 she worked as a postdoc at Department of Molecular Immunology at Public Health Research Institute in New York and at Department of Medicine at University of North Carolina in Chapell Hill, USA. From 2009 she worked at Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre, in České Budějovice and from 2012 at Department of Medical Biology at University of South Bohemia. Her research activities falls into fields of molecular biology and molecular imunology within various projects, e.g. studying of growth retardation induced by overproduction of IL-6 or studying IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) dependent signaling pathway relevant to formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Her current research is focused on immunomodulatory effects of tick saliva and tick salivary components. She also participates on several other grant project, which are being persuated in collaboration with other laboratories (see webpage of Laboratory of Molecular Immunology). In addition to her research activities, she teaches courses of Virology and Molecular Immunology (guarantor and lecturer) and participates in course of Immunology (tutorial lecturer). She is supervisor of several thesis.


Research projects:

PI -  The effect of tick saliva and salivary sialostatins on cellular stress responses and its implication for tick-borne encephalitis virus transmission (2019-2021), from the Grant Agency of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

Team member - several projects of Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports


Supervisor of thesis:

Mgr. Zuzana Beránková (Dissertation thesis)

MSc. Ritesh Khanna (Dissertation thesis)

Bc. Simona Fisherová (Diploma thesis) 

Bc. Anna Kovaříková (Diploma thesis) 

Bc. Markéta Spěváková (Diploma thesis) 

Hana Šmídová (Bachelor thesis) 


Co-supervisor of thesis:

Bc. Kristina Kocarová (Diploma thesis) 

Ing. Dominika Tučková (Diploma thesis)