Public Relations

Public Relations and Lifelong Education Department provides contact with the public and the media, organizes educational events for high school teachers and students.

Communication with the public is realized through the faculty website and also with the use of social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) as well as via YouTube channel. Important events and discoveries are also presented in cooperation with television stations and newspapers.

Department participates in the operation of the children's group Motýl in cooperation with the Biology Centre CAS and coordinates actions within the lifelong education programs and further teacher education accredited in the system of Ministry of education youth and sports. In the department's activities events for elementary and high school students are organized - natural science  children's hobby group, suburban camp and summer camp for the elementary school pupils, for high school students are regularly organized “Week with the current biology” and “Week with molecular biology”. For high schools the department ensures coordination of Students` Professional Activities and wide range of lectures in cooperation with the Faculty's research staff, at the same time it is possible to arrange thematic excursions.


The offer of lectures for high schools includes a wide range of topics (biology, physics, IT…) which teachers can order for their school. During the year 2019 more than 150 of these lectures were realized.


High school teachers have the possibility to provide excursion experts, e.g. botanist, ornithologist, entomologist etc.


Popular are courses for high school teachers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge from the natural sciences. Students and staff of the faculty participate in these courses and these courses are accredited in the system Ministry of education youth and sports for further teacher education.
Regularly organized are Laboratory weekend with chemistry, Ornithological-entomological weekend, Botanical weekend, lecture weekend "Back to the Desks" or Determination course of cyanobacteria and algae.

Faculty offers the opportunity to attend a hobby group for elementary school pupils interested in natural sciences, children are introduced to science through the learning by doing or Inquiry Based Science Education approach. 


Two types of science camps are regularly organized during the summer holidays – week long suburban camp in the premises of the Faculty and two weeks long summer camp organized at a camp base. The content of these camps consists of thematic games and a specialized program focused on field research in biology (botany, ornithology, entomology…) and laboratory biology (molecular biology, genetics...), chemistry, physics, etc.

Specialized weeks are regularly organized for high school students. A Week with the current biology
allows students to try work in the field, in the laboratory and on a computer, the program accompanied by lectures, film or games. The culmination of the whole event is a guided tour of the selected zoological garden. Laboratory focused Week with molecular biology aims to enable high school students to try some of the molecular biology methods that are commonly used in scientific or diagnostic laboratories, e.g. fluorescence in situ hybridization, isolation of mitochondrial DNA, PCR and sequencing etc.  


The faculty offers close cooperation to high school students in their work within Students` Professional Activities. These activities are carried out under the supervision of faculty researchers in our laboratories or in the field. As part of the “Research Club” project, students had the opportunity to carry out their long term research with the support of the faculty and to present the results of their research in the form of posters.