Publication records, number of citations

Number of citations + setting of ORCID account and links with (connected with Web of Science)

Instructions for determination of the number of citations in the given year (without 1st order autocitations), i.e. how many times in a given year (e.g. 2019) your lifelong publications (regardless of affiliation) were cited by other authors.
For the purpose of Academic Staff Performance Evaluations the result of either of the two sources below can be used:

SCOPUS - the instructions are easy,
If you search by name, make sure you select only records with your publications. If you search in Scopus by entering your ORCID (in this way, the Research Officer can search for your citations), verify that the record contains all your publications.

Web of Science - acceptable procedure, requires individual subtraction of self-citations from few newest papers.
Web of Science - older, complicated procedure.

Tutorials to create and maintain your ORCID record up to date